Our Story

How it all started.

Forest Hills Bible Chapel began as a house church in Grand Rapids in 1899.  In the early 1900s, the congregation moved into a building called College Avenue Gospel Hall. In 1925 the church moved to Eastern Avenue Gospel Chapel, then in 1976 to its present location, taking the name Forest Hills Bible Chapel.  

As a non-denominational, evangelical, and Bible believing church we have roots in the Plymouth Brethren movement – an evangelical movement that arose in the 1820’s in Dublin, Ireland as well as Plymouth & Bristol, England.  This movement upheld a commitment to Scripture and devotion to the Lord-Jesus.  It promoted a unity in Christ that minimized denominational barriers and unhealthy clergy rule.   This movement emphasized a regular celebration of the Lord’s Supper (communion), and advocated all believers as crucial and qualified - by the Holy Spirit - to serve Jesus within His church.   

Today Forest Hills Bible Chapel operates with a very similar commitment.  This Bible-believing community gathers to worship Jesus, celebrating His death and resurrection as the basis of our Salvation.  With a dependence upon the Holy Spirit, this church community aims to live lives of worship, shine the light of Christ to the surrounding community, and point others to a saving & full-life relationship with Jesus.